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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rule of Thirds in Portraiture

 Test photo/initial draft for a series of portraits, October 19th.

iPhone Diaries #723: Official End of Summer

B-Ball hoop has been taken off the driveway and stored in the garage, bikes are more or less in for the fall and winter. October 19th.

iPhone Diaries #722: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Met this Ridgeback on the Bruce Trail near Ancaster. October 18th.

iPhone Diaries #721: wedding shoot on the Bruce Trail

Chris from Boston Images shooting  Genevieve and Antonio at Sherman Falls, on the Bruce Trail near Ancaster.  Attractive couple+gorgeous scenery+awesome photography = memories for a lifetime and more! October 18th.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

iPhone Diaries #719: cheaper gas

The Middle East is burning, Russia is holding on to its gas, and Alberta can't get it's oil to market. The Thanksgiving long weekend came and went and price of gasoline was at a six-year low. What gives?
It looks like a seismic shift in underway in the marketplace with profound repercussions for OPEC, Israel, fresh water (fracking, tar sands) the valuation of energy corporations, pension funds, etc.