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Monday, June 29, 2015

Sony Diaries #796: a sweet find

Picked up this clean, sharp, Canon FD 50f1.4. Great contrast (this latest and last version has superior coatings) and really sweet bokeh. Should go nicely on the A7II with an inexpensive Fotosy adaptor. Sample photos  to come soon. Many, many thanks to Martin for bringing this to my attention.
June 29th.

5 Truths Learned About Photography, by Robin Wong

In spite of the fact that he shoots with Olympus :-), Robin Wong's passion for photography is infectious. His blog is an effective combination of technique and philosophy, photo trouble shooting and life lessons. Here's his latest blog entry, one which I share wholeheartedly. I should also add that the surest sign of competency is being paid for what one does for fun.